Sample Lunch Tuna Sandwich

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Whole-grain bread with no additives

Tuna packed in water (try to find one without broth on the ingredient list) Mayonnaise (canola oil mayo or flax oil mayo are good choices) Celery, onion Salt and pepper to taste

Fresh, raw veggies like cut-up carrots (try to have veggies at lunch and dinner or as snacks)

Fresh fruit (apple, orange, etc.)

Note: Deli meat is high in additives and is better purchased from health food store delis. Try finding a healthier alternative to deli meat you like and creating sandwiches with whole-grain (low additive) bread, mayo/mustard, lettuce, tomato, and onion.

Snacking through lunch can be good for you if you choose healthy items. Always start with fresh veggies and fruit. You can add protein by dipping apple slices in peanut butter or having hard-boiled eggs. Nuts (raw or with salt) are a good choice to balance blood sugar as well. And avoid canned soups for lunch and dinner due to additive content.

Salad: Try making a salad with a mix of greens. Add chopped veggies and sliced hard-boiled egg (or leftover chicken) for protein. Find a dressing with few ingredients like oil, vinegar, and whole spices.

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