Working with Your Childs Teacher

The school is a key arena where problems can crop up. If your child is constantly saying that he can't do schoolwork or can't participate in gym, teachers may think your child is faking it. What should you do?

Should you tell your child's teacher that your child has fibromyalgia? You may think that the answer is an obvious yes (or, for that matter, an obvious no), but you have to consider some consequences that may occur, whatever you do (or don't do). Discussing the illness with the teacher is really an individual choice, but do keep in mind several factors:

1 Teachers are prone to the same wrong ideas adopted by the general public. They may think fibromyalgia isn't a real illness or it's something only adults can get.

1 The teacher may treat your child differently — not in a good way — if she thinks that your child is disabled, making the workload too easy (or sometimes harder) for the child. You want your child to get a good education and not be given a free pass. Yet, at the same time, you don't want your child to feel overwhelmed or physically ill from trying to reconcile her fibromyalgia symptoms with school demands. As a parent, this path sometimes can be a tough one to navigate.

jflNG./ Children aren't allowed to bring any drugs to school in their wallets, purses, or elsewhere, no matter how benign the drugs may seem to you. Even bringing one aspirin to school is usually forbidden, and a child can be suspended or expelled for violating this policy. If your child needs to take medication during school hours, she's not alone. Bring a doctor's note or a prescription bottle with the child's name on it to the school nurse, and explain what's needed. And don't worry. Many children have to take medicine during school for all sorts of reasons.

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