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Another problem many people have is that they fall asleep okay, but they keep waking up. Someone flushes the toilet, and they wake up. They hear a bird chirp, and the sound acts as an untimely wake-up call. It almost seems like a leaf could fall off a tree and wake them up. If you have this problem, you're clearly not getting enough deep sleep.

What can help? A white-noise generator that makes a kind of sshhhh sound can help you tune out that noisy world and fall deeply asleep. Soft music on the radio may help lull you to sleep. Some people can benefit from deep-breathing exercises, meditation, or relaxation therapy. (Read Chapter 13 for more information on these techniques.)

Be sure to use the most comfortable mattress that you can find. Sometimes waterbeds are a great solution to help you relax and fall deeply asleep. Some people like cotton flannel sheets because they're cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Check other aspects of your environment as well. For

Dream on

Whether dreams have important messages to sleepers is an issue that's been debated for millennia. Some people believe that dreams are like garbage from the brain, akin to the waste material excreted after food is processed by the digestive system. Others believe that dreams hold very important meanings for the dreamer and should be pursued.

I don't know which point of view is right about the significance of dreaming, but I do know that having dreams is important. In experiments in which people were deprived of dreaming (by being wakened when a REM stage was detected), the subjects became very irritable and angry. People with fibromyalgia, like everyone else, need to dream.

example, is the room too hot or too cold, even if only slightly? If you're uncomfortable, do something to fix the situation and see if that helps you relax.

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