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You know how to take your body temperature. What about your emotional temperature? How you feel directly affects your fibromyalgia symptoms. This section covers taking your emotional temperature.

(ftNG/ In the preceding sections, I talk about depression and several forms of anxiety disorders, but in this section, I offer everyday examples of emotional distress. If any of these situations describes your emotional state, you may be experiencing depression or anxiety:

l Nearly every morning, I feel like crying or screaming. If you wake up sad, you may be depressed. If you feel so anxious that you want to scream, you may have an anxiety disorder. When you have fibromyalgia, the pain and insomnia may be making you down or anxious. Or you may have FMS symptoms and depression or anxiety. Talk to your doctor.

I My family and friends constantly ask if I'm okay. If your family and friends keep asking if you're okay, maybe they've noticed you never smile and seem distressed or agitated. Pay attention. Maybe you're getting a warning signal to heed. Talk to a doctor or therapist about this.

I At least several times a week, I wonder if my life is worth living. All people wonder sometimes about their value to the cosmos. But if you constantly question your personal self-worth, you may be in or headed for depression. If you've considered suicide, see a doctor or therapist right away.

I I feel like a robot. I get up, go to work, and come home. It's so joyless.

If your life is only shades of gray, this may indicate depression. It's also a sign that you need a break. Change some patterns in your life. Call a friend and go out. If this idea has no appeal, see a therapist.

I I can't think of anything that makes me really excited and happy. If nothing makes you happy, and even thinking about activities that you used to like give you no reaction, you're either depressed or anxious. You could also be both depressed and anxious. See a doctor or therapist.

I Many times, I feel if one more person annoys me, I may explode.

Anger is one way to exhibit depression or anxiety. If minor slights make you want to put your fist through a door, see a therapist now.

I I've been eating more (or less), and my weight has changed considerably in the past months. Over- or undereating can indicate depression or anxiety. If you haven't tried to gain or lose weight, but it's happening anyway, see your doctor. If medical problems are ruled out, a therapist is often your next best choice.

I If a genie offered three wishes, I'd have trouble thinking of two requests — or one. If you can't think of one or two things you'd want if three magic wishes were offered, you may be depressed. Get a physical exam to rule out hypothyroidism or other medical problems. If the tests are normal, see a therapist.

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