Getting disability from work

You can often get short-term and long-term disabilities from work. Not all companies have such programs; in general, medium-size and larger corporations are more likely to offer them as part of your benefits package than smaller companies are. If you receive a disability payment from work, you'll get part or all of your salary. In general, if you're eligible for short-term disability, you'll receive your regular paycheck amount, which will be taxed. If you receive long-term disability, however, you'll receive a partial amount, but it'll generally be nontaxable. (Check with the Internal Revenue Service [IRS] and ask for Publication 907, "Tax Highlights for Persons with Disabilities," for clarification; call 800-829-3676 to have the publication mailed to you, or go to 07.pdf to view and print the publication yourself.)

Don't assume that you'd know if your company had you covered for disability. Ask your employer or employee-benefits representative specifically about disability coverage.

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