Dealing with dextromethorphan

Some studies have researched whether taking regular doses of dextromethorphan, an anticough medication, could help some people cope more effectively with their symptoms of fibromyalgia. Some researchers who've studied dextromethorphan, such as Dr. Robert Bennett, a prominent rheumatologist, initially found that low levels of dextromethorphan were ineffective in subjects with fibromyalgia. However, when the dosage of dextromethorphan was increased, the research subjects reported that their pain had significantly decreased.

Another study (one I conducted) found that dextromethorphan decreases pain sensitivity of FMS patients. Using this drug can reduce the achiness that many FMS patients feel. To get this effect, the drug must be used at prescription strength (60 mg to 90 mg twice per day), which requires a prescription from a doctor.

In one study of the effectiveness of dextromethorphan, the drug was found v XiHnTN to potentiate, or boost the effect of Ultram (generic name: tramadol), a prescribed painkilling medication. But further studies are needed before I can recommend dextromethorphan as an OTC remedy for fibromyalgia.

jflNG./ Some people are trying dextromethorphan now. People who follow this course should discuss it first with their physicians to make sure dextromethorphan won't interact with other medications that they take and will be safe for them.

Locating a source for dextromethorphan tablets as a stand-alone drug may be difficult because it's usually an ingredient in cold medicines. You can ask your pharmacist to order it for you in the OTC strength. (Obviously, the pharmacist won't give you the prescribed strength without a prescription from your doctor.) Another possible option is to purchase Delsym (generic name: dextromethorphan polistirex). This OTC drug comes in a liquid form, and supposedly is chemically akin to dextromethorphan. (Delsym does include a small amount of alcohol and, thus, may be sedating.)

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