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If you suffer from insomnia, avoid eating a fashionably late dinner; stop eating at least three hours before bed. Also, be sure to take other basic steps that can facilitate sleep. For example, avoid all caffeine (coffee, tea, cola drinks, and chocolate) starting six to seven hours before bedtime, so your system won't be overstimulated when it's time to fall asleep. Consider eating foods that are known to be rich in natural tryptophan, a chemical that induces sleep. Turkey's packed with it. Milk also has this substance, although in lower quantities than turkey has.

Eating a few pieces of turkey or a turkey sandwich, combined with a glass of milk, an hour before you want to go to sleep may relax you enough to help you nod off without (or with less) difficulty. Of course, be sure not to overeat, which can defeat your purpose because you may get a stomachache and find it even more difficult to fall asleep. And be sure not to rationalize to yourself that a slice of pizza or a dish of ice cream before bed will help you relax and fall asleep. It won't!

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Healthy Sleep

Healthy Sleep

A Guide to Natural Sleep Remedies. Many of us experience the occasional night of sleeplessness without any consequences. It is when the occasional night here and there becomes a pattern of several nights in arow that you are faced with a sleeping problem. Repeated loss of sleep affects all areas of your life The physical, the mental, and theemotional. Sleep deprivation can affect your overall daily performance and may even havean effecton your personality.

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