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This book offers some unique benefits. There is a serious health care literacy gap in this country. While some of the cutting-edge information offered here exists in published form, the majority of it is written in dry, complicated language in scientific journals. As a member of Governor-elect Kathleen Blanco's transition team for the Department of Health and Hospitals and the Board of Directors of the National Mental Health Association, one of the things that I have learned is that you must take health care to the people in a form that they can easily digest. My collaborator, Joy Parker, and I have worked long and hard to take difficult scientific concepts and distill them into language that readers can understand, relate to, and effectively apply in their daily lives. We have tried to make this book as clear, helpful, and motivational as possible.

This is the first book ever written for the general public that effectively addresses the concept of the reverse fat pattern: the deadly effect of body fat that accumulates in an area of the body where it presents the greatest danger of disease. Being overfat or having excess fat in the wrong places has a great deal to do with imbalances in the sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen, as well as in human growth hormone, thyroid function, and the many kinds of hormones that affect fat storage and utilization. This book is one of the first to offer questionnaires to help you realize when your own hormones are working against you. It also discusses how the hormonal changes that occur with menopause and andropause can cause you to become overfat and tells you how exercise and nutrition can help rebalance these hormones.

This is the first book to recognize that men and women get the most benefit from exercise by doing their workouts at different intensities. As you will see, this is also related to how men's and women's bodies utilize hormones differently to effectively process food as energy or to store it as fat.

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