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Dr. Mary states that the number one reason that people develop hypothy-roidism is because something is blocking the natural function of the thyroid. "If we cleared our systems of all of the garbage, if we had the ability to eat pure organic meat, pure unadulterated vegetables, to maintain an ideal body weight, to drink pure water, and breathe pure air—then we could eliminate some of the issues that are blocking proper thyroid function." While Dr. Mary feels that eating organic vegetables and hormonefree meat can sometimes seem like a monumental task, I have seen over and over again how easy it is to maintain a healthy eating plan once you have made it a part of your daily regimen. Eating nutritionally takes some thought and planning in the beginning, but it soon becomes habit. Fortunately, we live in an enlightened time when supermarkets and food chains are offering a wide selection of healthier and more natural food choices.

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