Benefit 8 Protects Postmenopausal Women from Fat Gain and Loss of Lean Muscle

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Lately, there has been a great deal of controversy over the safety of hormone replacement therapy. The major study designed by the Women's Health Initiative was stopped midway because some participants taking HRT developed higher incidences of breast cancer and heart disease.

The main argument in favor of HRT has been that it has the ability to help postmenopausal women conserve lean muscle and avoid gaining body fat. The American College of Sports Medicine published an article in which researchers were seeking an alternative solution to taking HRT to maintain a healthy body composition. Four groups of women participated in a resistance exercise program:

1. No exercise, no HRT

2. No exercise, HRT

3. Exercise, HRT

4. Exercise, no HRT

At the end of one year, researchers discovered that the group of women who exercised and did not take HRT did better than the nonexer-cise HRT group and did as well or a little better than the group that exercised and took HRT. They concluded that resistance exercise was just as effective for menopausal women in keeping off body fat as taking HRT.

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