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Unwanted body hair can be one of the biggest problems that faces people when it comes to how they feel about how they look. However, most of the time treatments to get rid of unsightly body hair come at a premium cost, meaning that only people with a huge amount of money can afford to get these sorts of treatments. But what if you were able to get rid of body hair Without spending thousands of dollars? Natural remedies are one of the best ways to get rid of body hair permanently without going through embarrassment or shame over the fact that you have unwanted hair. The methods in this book will show you how to get rid of ALL the unwanted body hair on your body in a fraction of the time, and without all of the frustration. Stop worrying; you can get rid of the hair easily!

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Hirsutism Presence of excessive body and facial hair, especially in women may be present in normal adults as an expression of an ethnic characteristic or may develop in children or adults as the result of an endocrine disorder. Apert's hir-sutism is caused by a virilizing disorder of adrenocortical origin. Constitutional hirsutism is mild-to-moderate hirsutism present in individuals exhibiting otherwise normal endocrine and reproductive functions it appears to be an inheritable form of hirsutism and commonly is an expression of an ethnic characteristic. Idiopathic hirsutism is of uncertain origin in women, who may exhibit menstrual abnormalities and sterility. Some authorities believe the hirsutism reflects hypersecretion of adrenocorti-cal androgens.

The Biology of Reproduction

Reproductive Gif

During the teen years, the testicles grow and certain cells within the coil of tubes begin to secrete androgens. Androgens are the male hormones (such as testosterone) that cause the development of male sex characteristics such as facial hair. These hormones also stimulate other cells in the testicles to manufacture sperm. From puberty until sometime in old age, the continuous secretion of androgens results in a constant production of sperm.

Physical Changes of Puberty

The development of mature genitalia in boys is 3 years (Brooks-Gunn & Reiter, 1990). Spermarche, or first ejaculation, usually occurs between 13 and 14 years of age. More noticeable physical changes in boys include voice changing and the development of facial hair, which occur predominantly in early adolescence (Brooks-Gunn & Reiter, 1990).

Malignant Pain

Joe is a spry man in his 80s who still skis, sails, and works out at the gym. In his early 70s he was diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer. Despite the lack of a cure, many men diagnosed with prostate cancer live a long time with relatively few complications from this illness. When Joe was diagnosed, his doctors told him he would likely live a long and active life, and he is carrying out their prediction. Like many others with prostate cancer, Joe has to deal with some side effects of the hormonal treatment that slows the advancement of the disease. Loss of facial hair, voice changes, and decreased libido and sexual performance are among his side effects. Although they are unpleasant, Joe says that his main concern is controlling the pain from the cancer itself. For Joe, as for most people who have pain from incurable cancer, it is reasonable to treat him with daily opioid medications. These prescription drugs, commonly referred to as narcotics, are usually given to cancer...


Steroids are not without side effects. Acne, weight gain, seizures, psychosis, depression, headaches, fatigue, facial hair, nausea, vomiting, and adrenal insufficiency can be very serious adverse events. Thus, the long-term use of steroids is not advised, nor is it effective in MS.

Physical Growth

Some developmental changes are considered maturational, or indicators of physical maturity. Maturation is the progression of developmental changes toward the characteristics of adults. Physical maturation occurs from the time of conception, but some of the most commonly recognized indicators of maturation become apparent during adolescence. Changes in body shape, breast development in girls, pubic hair development in both genders, and development of facial hair in boys are visible indicators of maturation toward adult appearance of the body, and they signal adult reproductive functioning. The cessation of the growth of long bones, associated with the final attainment of adult stature is also a maturational event.

Puberty precocious

Puberty, precocious The onset of puberty before age seven in girls and age nine in boys. The signs of the condition include the development of breasts and pubic hair or the beginning of menstruation in girls, and pubic or facial hair, a deepening voice, or enlarged penis or testicles in boys. Acne also can occur with these other changes. Although sexual maturity does not occur at the exact same age for every person, there is a limit to how soon the signs should begin to appear. Girls are five to seven times more likely than boys to develop the condition.


The mainstay of treatment for active juvenile SLE is corticosteroids, given orally or intravenously when disease is quite active. High-dose ( 1 mg kg day) prednisone is generally effective in getting rapid disease control a gradual tapering of the dose is required to prevent flaring. Nearly all adolescents who take corticosteroids will experience some side effects and toxicity, and these side effects are frequently very disturbing to the patients. The corticosteroid side effects which are most concerning to adolescents include increased acne, facial hair growth, and striae. Attention should be directed to providing adequate treatment for the acne, with the involvement of a dermatologist if necessary. Facial hair growth should resolve as doses of steroid are tapered. Some patients develop severe widespread striae this is not preventable, and there is no effective treatment for them once present. Infectious complications relating to steroids in combination with other immunosuppressants...