Upper Extremity Injuries

Upper extremity injuries are more common in goalkeepers than in field players. Fractures of the elbows, fingers, and wrists as a result of falls or collisions are the most common types.

Common shoulder injuries include acromio-clavicular sprains. Shoulder dislocations or acro-mioclavicular sprains are occasionally related to capsular laxity or violent collision.

These injuries should be treated by specialists, but dry needling acupuncture is very helpful in reducing pain and swelling if combined with conventional medical care. For swelling after injury, one treatment session every day can be provided, regardless of whether surgery is needed. In cases of surgery, two treatment sessions per week help reduce pain and swelling and accelerate recovery.


Since the early 1980s, an enormous amount of research has been devoted to the forces and loads that bear on the human body during turns in skiing and to the muscle-phasic relationships that are needed to accomplish these tasks smoothly. These efforts have enabled the development of successful injury prevention and fitness training pro-grams.34 According to the database of one research group, 32% to 48% of all ski injuries are related to the knee; shoulder and back injuries account for another 15%.35

Large epidemiologic studies indicate that smaller, younger, lighter, and less experienced skiers have the highest risk of injury.36 This research suggests that skill level seems to be the most important factor in determining the risk of injury for skiers. The likelihood of being injured is 33% among beginners, in contrast to 6.2% among skiers rated as intermediate or expert.

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Fitting Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

Fitting Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

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