Understanding Of Incidents In Needling Therapy

Needling therapy is not free of side effects or danger, and its accidents can cause death. Acupuncture needling creates lesions in the body tissues. If the needle-induced lesions are created in the wrong locations, or in the correct locations but in the "wrong" person (e.g., patients with diseased or enlarged organs or thinner body walls), they may cause temporary or irreversible consequences.

To maximize medical benefit of needling therapy to patients, the author makes the following suggestions:

• Select patients carefully. Group D patients (those with more than 80 sensitive ARPs), very weak patients, and patients with very severe conditions should not undergo acupuncture treatment. These patients may use other safer modalities, from meditation to conventional procedures.

• Understand the patient's medical history. Genetically related diseases, inborn disorders, accidents, surgery, and other pathologic events may all cause changes in the body's natural structure. For example, patients with scoliosis may have very thin muscles of the thoracic wall and back, and normal needling may cause pneumothorax. • When using electrical stimulation, always start with mild intensity and low frequency. Never use electrical stimulation on the neck, chest, and upper back.

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