Types Of Soft Tissue Injury

Tissue destruction from physical deformation, tearing, breakage, necrosis, and blockage of circulation, which result in dysfunction and injury of soft tissue, can be classified as the following types:

1. Violent physical injuries: Crushing, beating, falling, compressing, and pushing and pulling are the common sources of contusions in body-contact sports.

2. Cumulative injuries: These are injuries caused by frequent or repeated actions of the same tissue.

3. Emotional stress: This can cause dilation or constriction of blood vessels and strong contraction or cramp in muscles, which results in damage to blood vessels. Emotional depression induces a slowing of humoral and blood circulation, which results in retention of fluid. This may lead to swelling or enlargement of tissues and organs, which may compress other tissues or organs, causing injury.

4. Unconscious injuries: These are the barely noticeable minor physical injuries of daily life.

5. Overloading fatigue: This type of injury includes overexertion (injury to limbs and muscles), overeating (injury to digestive organs), and overexer-cising (excessive physical training).

6. Injuries from chemical toxins: These include alcohol and drug abuse, smoking, overmedica-tion, and exposure to pollutants.

7. Injuries caused by excess weight and obesity: These include cardiovascular injury and respiratory complications.

8. Postsurgical injuries: These include flesh wounds, internal bleeding, and nosocomial infection.

9. Disease-related injuries: An example of such a disease is rheumatoid arthritis, which causes inflammation, edema, and necrosis of soft tissues.

10. Environmentally related injuries: These injuries are caused by burns or temperature extremes.

11. Injuries caused by abnormal physiology: These injuries arise from imbalance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

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