Thumb and Finger Sprain

The ligaments of the thumb, which connect the metacarpal bone to the first phalanx at the base of the thumb, may be overstretched and torn. Repetitive overuse of the thumb with the index finger or other fingers may wear these ligaments and their muscles.

Blows to the hand and hyperextension of the finger joints when falling may damage the dorsal or palmar ligaments of the finger. Finger sprain is a common injury in many sports such as football, basketball, cricket, and handball and in all contact sports.

Dry needling acupuncture is effective in healing these conditions. Needles can be applied to the painful and swollen area, especially the base of the thumb on the radial, dorsal and palmar sides. The thenar muscles, other intrinsic muscles, and related flexor and extensor muscles should be examined and treated with needles. Two treatment sessions per week are recommended.

The same principle of treatment is applied to finger sprain. Needles can be applied to the painful, tender, and swollen tissues. The intrinsic muscles and flexor and extensor muscles should be examined.

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