The difference between dry needling and wet needling therapy

Dry and wet needling share many common mechanisms, but there are significant differences between the two modalities. Dry needling can be used alone or in combination with wet needling to treat soft tissue pain, and when they are used together dry needling is a very good adjunct procedure to wet needling therapy. Dry needles inoculate minute lesions in soft tissue, and so multiple points can be needled in one treatment session, and the same procedure can be repeated many times until maximal healing is achieved. In addition, a needling procedure for preventing injuries can be repeated to maintain healthy homeostasis.

For example, when treating low-back pain, the lumbar muscles, gluteal muscles, hamstring muscles, calf muscles, hip flexor muscles, abdominal muscles, iliotibial band, pectoral muscles, and even neck muscles can be treated in the same session. The same procedure can be repeated in subsequent sessions until complete healing is achieved. The same needling procedure will also be effective with asymptomatic healthy persons for preventing low-back, hip, and neck problems.

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