Tennis players may have to move the body repeatedly in any direction, and poor flexibility of the key muscle groups often leads to injury. In addition to flexibility, proprioception and balance are vital to maintaining a player's center of gravity when the player changes directions. Because of the enormous physical demands of tennis, muscular strength and endurance also affect the risk of injury.54

Extrinsic factors also cause tennis injuries. Movement in tennis requires the musculoskeletal system to move with rhythm, timing, and a smooth sequential linkage from the ground upward. "Missing-link" syndrome occurs when a player hits an "all-arm" shot, in which the arm alone generates ball velocity during the forehand stroke and the more powerful links of the trunk and lower extremity are not used. As a result, the upper extremity is overstressed.54 Detailed discussion of extrinsic factors of tennis injuries is beyond the scope of this chapter.

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Cure Tennis Elbow Without Surgery

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