Sunburn is an inflammation of the skin, caused by ultraviolet radiation from the sun. All athletes practicing outdoor sports are vulnerable to sunburn, particularly those whose sport is practiced at higher altitudes, such as skiers and climbers. Sunburn can range from mild to severe. The skin is hot to the touch, with redness, pain, or blisters in severe cases.

The sunburned skin area should be treated once a day with needles that are 15 mm long and 0.18 to 0.25 mm in diameter. Needling density is about two to three needles per square centimeter. Before needling, the skin may be cleaned with cotton balls and cold water, but topical moisturizers should not be applied. After needles are removed, bleeding, if any, should be cleaned with cotton balls. Topical moisturizers can be applied 1 hour after treatment. To avoid potential infection, blisters should not be needled. However, if blisters are broken, proper procedures should be used to prevent infection.

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