Sports and exercise are sources of physiologic and psychologic stress. The stressors can be the activities themselves or related conditions such as overtraining syndrome, postexercise pain or fatigue, or related injuries and rehabilitation.

This chapter introduced two concepts that are fundamental in acupuncture for sports and exercise and trauma rehabilitation: homeostasis and stress. All the following chapters focus on treating stress-related syndromes in sport and exercise and achieving trauma rehabilitation by reducing stress and restoring homeostasis.

The aim of ISDN is to reduce systemic stress in order to improve, balance, and restore optimal homeostasis by activating the local and systemic reflexes that involve the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, and musculoskeletal systems. During this de-stressing process, biologic survival mechanisms are stimulated at all levels, from molecular to organismic, to repair stress-related trauma and to approach homeostasis.

ISDN is capable of regulating stress-affected posture and locomotion to activate the integrative function of the central nervous and endocrine systems to restore homeostasis, and this de-stressing process in turn improves the balance and quality of posture and locomotion.

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