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Biomechanically favorable extremity movement can exist only with a stable pelvis and spine. Core stabilization has been advocated for the treatment of such injuries as patellofemoral pain, ili -otibial band syndrome, hamstring strain, and postoperative rehabilitation of ligamentous reconstruction. An unbalanced spine is also related to shoulder and neck problems. Thus a well-aligned and balanced musculoskeletal system is absolutely necessary for achieving effective movement in sports and daily life. Symptomatic treatment combined with a systemic approach can help patients attain maximal homeostasis of the musculoskel-etal system, which not only prevents or reduces the risk of sports injury but also enhances physical performance because of the system's optimal alignment.

Dry needling acupuncture therapy offers its special value to athletes just as it does to many nonathlete patients. First, dry needling acupuncture, with its specific lesion mechanisms, accelerates the healing of soft tissue dysfunction, which is a major issue in all aspects of sports injury. Second, dry needling acupuncture helps to reduce the physical and psychologic stress that impair physical performance and increase the possibility of injuries. This chapter focused on the use of dry needling acupuncture as a preventive modality in sports medicine.

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