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A 59-year-old male patient had a history of high blood pressure and left hemiplegia. The patient was admitted to the hospital with cerebral stroke. After 3 weeks' hospital care, the condition was stable, and the patient requested acupuncture treatment.

Acupuncture treatment: The patient felt better after the first two sessions. On the third session, after Taiyang (temporalis muscle), Du 20 (Beihui, area between bregma and vertex on the skull), and UB10 (occipital area) were needled, the patient felt dizzy, with cold sweating and vomiting, and he lost consciousness after 1 hour, with incontinence of urine. The patient was readmitted to the hospital. Examination: The patient's temperature was 39° C; blood pressure was 190/120 mm Hg; pulse rate was 92/minute. Deep coma, arrhythmia, left pupil diameter of 3 mm, right pupil diameter of 1.5 mm, bilateral positive Babinsky reflex, and blood in cerebrospinal fluid were noted. Treatment: Intracranial drainage was performed; 25 mL of fresh blood was administered immediately, and another 10 mL was administered 5 hours later. Despite nasal feeding, antibiotics, and fluid infusion, no improvement occurred. The patient died on the fourth day. Analysis: The cerebral hemorrhage in this case was not directly caused by needling. The patient had high blood pressure, and cardiovascular sclerosis was the major cause of the hemorrhage. However, acupuncture should be avoided if blood pressure is unstable. Fewer ARPs should be used for such patients.

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