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Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and is considered to be relatively safe. The risk of injury is 85% for a high school football player, in contrast to 30% for a soccer player.27 Of all injuries in soccer, 80% occur during physical contact between two players. Contact includes being kicked by and colliding with another player.28 At higher levels of play, more injuries are caused by the mechanisms of running.29

Further research has demonstrated that 69% of injuries occur because of trauma, and 31% result from overuse. Between 84% and 88% of injuries in soccer occur in the lower extremities.30 Most of these injuries are minor and result in little or no loss of playing time. The proportion of major injuries is from 8% to 10%; most occur in the lower extremities and include fractures, subluxations, and injuries to the ligaments of the knee. The principal site of major injury is the knee, which accounts for 50% of all severe injuries. It happens more often in female players than in male players: 31% versus 13%, respectively.27

Players aged 25 to 40 years have the highest injury rate (18%). This is because this group contains former college athletes with high skill levels and a more aggressive style of play. Younger players have lower injury rates and less severe injuries.28

Among all levels of injury, ankle sprain is the most common, followed by injury to the knee.28,29 Skin lesions, contusions, muscle strains, and fractures constitute most of the remainder of injuries to the lower extremities. Less common injuries include shoulder dislocations, elbow fractures and dislocations, and injuries of the head and face, fingers, and groin and pubis.28

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