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In this book, shin splints refers to tendinitis in the anterior tibialis or posterior tibialis or to stress fracture syndrome. This injury is related to overuse. Medial shin splints are mostly caused by inflammation of the posterior tibialis tendon, whereas lateral shin splints are caused by inflammation of the anterior tibialis tendon or the extensor tendons of the digits.

Shin splints may result from the nature of the running surface; pes planus, genu varum or tibial varum; overuse; muscle fatigue; body chemical imbalance; and poor reciprocal coordination between the muscles of the anterior and posterior aspects of the lower extremity.32

Dry needling acupuncture is very effective in both preventing and treating these symptoms. As a preventive procedure, athletes should receive weekly de-stressing treatment. Once the symptoms appear, two treatment sessions should be provided. The protocol should include both the lower extremity and the core system.

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