Passive acu-reflex points may ache or feel sensitive, sore, or painful when palpated with proper pressure (about 2 to 3 lb [0.9 to 1.4 kg] at the fingertip, with variation as discussed previously). The amount or intensity of the sensation is termed sensitivity. Some patients describe their reaction to palpation as "a little bit sensitive," whereas others may cry out in intolerable pain. The latter patients clearly feel more pain from the same palpation, and their symptoms are either more severe or more chronic.

Such patients may need more treatment to achieve pain relief than do patients with less sensitive acu-reflex points. In other words, the degree of sensitivity of an acu-reflex point is proportional to the amount of pain: The more sensitive the acu-reflex points are, the more pain is felt by the patient, the more treatment will be needed, and the more likely it is that the symptoms will recur.

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