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Shoulder injuries account for 8% to 20% of volleyball injuries. The biceps and rotator cuff tendons are the tissues most commonly injured.62 The shoulder girdle musculature does not generate very powerful torque in the upper limb. About 85% of the energy needed to spike or serve a volleyball is generated by the legs and back. After repetitive overload or acute trauma, the athlete begins to alter movement patterns in an effort to minimize symptoms and maintain performance.64 This increases the risk of injury to other structures within the kinetic chain.

Typical symptoms of shoulder injury include pain, restricted range of motion, and muscle weakness and imbalance. Further examination may reveal that the scapulae are abducted and the musculature of the posterior shoulder girdle is tight, which limits internal rotation in the affected shoulder and thereby increases the risk for impingement of the supraspinatus muscle and attrition of the glenoid labrum.64

Dry needling acupuncture therapy is very effective for healing this injury. The location of the tender areas should be carefully identified and treated twice a week. De-stressing treatment once a week to reduce chronic stress of the girdle musculature and the entire kinetic chain is very effective both in preventing injuries and in enhancing performance ability.

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