Pathologic Conditions

Hemophilic patients should never be treated with needling therapy.

Patients taking blood thinner medications must stop taking the drugs 2 days before the treatment.

Diseases of internal organs—such as those of the lung, heart, and stomach (emphysema, history of tuberculosis, fibroid lung tissue, or enlarged heart or stomach)—and spine diseases such as scolio-sis and kyphosis may increase thoracic curvature, which renders the back muscles thin and loose. A smoker's lungs can collapse with tiny injuries. In these cases, needles can automatically advance into the thoracic cavity as the patient breathes. The liver and spleen may be closer to the surface when they become inflamed or swollen, forming a big mass in the abdominal area. In these circumstances, there is a risk of severe bleeding if the organs are punctured by needling.

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