Pathologic Conditions Of Human Organs Involve Chronic Soft Tissue Dysfunction

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Chronic soft tissue syndrome is not limited to mus-culoskeletal tissue. Compensatory dysfunctions such as contracture, adhesion, scarring, and blockage of circulation also develop after visceral injuries. Listed here are some examples, but underlying these different types of visceral pathology is the same chronic soft tissue syndrome caused by inflammation, contracture, adhesion, scarring, and blockage of local microcirculation. The following information was collected by the author from research performed in China:

• Heart: Many cardiovascular diseases involve contracture or hypertrophy of cardiac muscle fibers, adhesion of fibers, scar tissue, and blockage of circulation.

• Lungs: Emphysema creates adhesion of alveoli and blockage of circulation.

• Stomach: Gastritis or gastric ulcer results in contracture and adhesion of muscle cells with the mucous membrane, accompanied by scars and blockage of circulation.

• Intestine: Chronic inflammation produces contracture and adhesion of soft tissues with scar formation and blockage of circulation.

• Urinary bladder: Chronic inflammation causes minor ulcers, which result in contracture and blockage of microcirculation.

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