Overuse Injuries

Overuse injuries, usually involving the musculoten-dinous units, are among the most common injuries. Elbow tendinitis can involve the flexor pronator mass on the medial side, the extensor supinator mass on the lateral side, or the triceps posteriorly. Medial epicondylitis and triceps tendinitis are much more common because of the extreme valgus forces and elbow extension required for throwing. The medial musculotendinous structures can be injured either by microscopic tearing that results from the cumulative effect of repeated throwing or by macroscopic tearing that results from overly forceful muscular contraction. If this injury is treated improperly, the increased stress on the injured musculoten-dinous unit is passed on to the medially located ulnar collateral ligament and can result in attenuation or tearing of the ligament. If the ulnar collateral ligament is injured or becomes attenuated, the subtle instability that results has ramifications for all compartments of the elbow joint. Increased medial stress can subject the ulnar nerve to excessive traction. These compressive forces are also transferred to the radiocapitellar joint. Overload on the articular surface can lead to cartilage damage and loose bodies. Posteriorly, this overload is borne by the posteromedial olecranon. With continued throwing, osteophytes form and can give rise to intra-articular loose bodies.19

Dry needling acupuncture can be used in all phases for these conditions from prevention to rehabilitation in conjunction with other therapeutic modalities. It is very important that both the tendons and related muscles be treated at the same time.

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