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Outfielders are more likely to have musculotendi-nous injuries to the gastrocnemius-soleus complex and to the hamstring muscle group because they must accelerate rapidly from a stationary position to high speed. Infielders are subject to lower back injuries because they must perform unsupported forward flexion. Catchers are at risk for meniscal injuries of the knee because of the amount of time they spend in a deep squat.

All these athletes should undergo regular routine de-stressing treatment that focuses on specific muscles related to particular performance. Weekly de-stressing treatment is very efficient for preventing microscopic tearing of muscle and overuse fatigue.


Professional golfers play and practice at least 10 months per year and hit hundreds of golf balls on a daily basis; thus they are susceptible to chronic overuse injuries. According to one survey of 226 professional golfers, 85% had been injured as a direct result of their profession, and each of the injured players had an average of two injuries during the course of their professional careers.20 Of those players, 54% considered their injuries to be chronic. The relative proportions of chronic injuries were as follows: left wrist, 24%; low back, 23.7%; left hand and left shoulder, 7.1%; and left knee, 7%.

The lead upper extremity is the most important element of a healthy golf swing. However, a number of injuries are associated with the upper extremity requirements of the golf swing. Among these injuries are golfer's elbow, rotator cuff injury, fractures of the hook of the hamate, and de Quervain tenosynovitis.21

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Golf Can Be An Easy Game

Golf Can Be An Easy Game

The material in this book may, at times, appear to be repetitious, but in discussing the golf swing from the different angles and aspects, repetition could not be avoided. However, repetition has its merits, because it eventually brings one continually face to face with the same facts and fundamentals.

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