Neck Strain

Neck strains are common and involve injuries to the muscles or tendons of the neck and shoulder area. Contusions are bruises to the skin and underlying tissue of the neck caused by direct physical force such as a blow. Dry needling acupuncture is the most effective modality for these conditions at all stages of the injury. Specific treatment includes needling the symptomatic ARPs on the neck and shoulder. Nonspecific treatment should include needling all the symptomatic ARPs. Treatment can be offered twice per week immediately after injury and then once per week after initial pain relief is achieved. In an area of contusion, needles 15 to 25 mm long and 0.18 to 0.20 mm in diameter can be used, in a density of two to three needles per square centimeter. Contusions or bruised skin can be treated once every day or every other day until complete recovery is achieved.

After neck surgery, dry needling acupuncture can be used for rehabilitation.

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