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Back movements recruit extensors (including glu-teal muscles), flexors (abdominal muscles and iliopsoas muscles), and oblique muscles (side muscles). Back strain often occurs in the lumbar region, although the thoracic region may also be involved.

Muscle strain can be caused by repetitive stress to the muscles or by sudden strain or torsion of the back muscles as a result of lifting or abrupt movements such as falling or colliding with another athlete. These injuries may happen in any sport and in daily activities.

Of all the medical modalities available, dry needling acupuncture is most effective in reducing pain and stiffness and in restoring the normal function of the spine. The core system affects all peripheral movement, which means that spinal disorder affects the movement of the limbs; therefore the treatment should be systemic. In addition to the lumbar region, the shoulders, neck, hips, iliotibial bands, hamstring muscles, and calf muscles should all be treated together. Two treatment sessions per week are recommended.

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