Lower Extremity Foot and Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries are common in basketball. Basketball players with a history of ankle sprains exhibit a larger mean postural sway and have a larger sway area. Ankle sprains are often the result of landing on the lateral border of one foot and rolling the foot inward. The injury may involve the anterior talo-fibular ligament, the calcaneofibular ligament, and occasionally the posterior talofibular ligament.9

Medial ankle sprains are less common but also can occur from landing improperly or by pushing off from the outside of the foot, which causes the ankle to evert excessively.9

The deltoid ligament is very strong, and an avulsion fracture of the medial malleolus may be caused by a powerful force on the ligament. Ankle sprains are occasionally accompanied by the tearing of the interosseous membrane.

The distal tibiofibular ligament can also be sprained. This injury causes pain during excessive dorsiflexion or rotational movement.

Dry needling acupuncture therapy is very effective in reducing swelling, inflammation, and pain from ankle injuries. The treatment should be provided immediately after the injury, regardless of the nature of the injury; meanwhile, further examination can be conducted and other treatment modalities can also be used. It is very important that the muscles of the three compartments of the leg be treated together. The posture of the athlete should be examined so that any imbalance of the core system can be corrected.

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