Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are the second most common injury in basketball, after ankle injuries.12 They are the most common cause of missed games (66%)13 and can be caused by contact, sudden changes in direction, or overuse. Overuse injuries are secondary to improper training or conditioning, excessive stress, or fatigue. The meniscus, ligaments, and patella can sustain acute injuries.14

Meniscal injuries are often caused by jumping, pivoting, and cutting. The player may complain of a locking sensation, joint tenderness, and limited knee extension.

Knee ligament injuries are often related to tibial and femoral rotation during cutting, pivoting, deceleration, landing off balance, or an external impact or force on the knee. A medial collateral ligament injury is caused by valgus stress, and a lateral collateral ligament injury by a varus stress. An injury to the anterior cruciate ligament can be caused by a combination of any of these movements.

Patellar tendinitis, or quadriceps tendinitis, is caused by microscopic tears resulting from the repeated stress of sprinting, deceleration, and jumping. The eccentric overload can result in mineralization of the fibrocartilage.15

Some of the knee injuries caused by chronic conditions can be effectively prevented by regular de-stressing treatment with dry needling acupuncture. Knee injuries should be treated immediately, regardless of the nature of the injury, because dry needling acupuncture can reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain; meanwhile, further diagnosis and other treatment should be performed. The treatment protocol includes dry needling trigger points on the muscles, tendons, and swollen tissues. Whenever possible, the core system should be treated.

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