Dry Needling For Patellofemoral

Common knee injuries include patellofemoral tracking syndrome and patellar tendinitis. These are overuse knee injuries and are caused by the explosive, repetitive, and multidirectional movements in the sport.60

Patellofemoral tracking dysfunction may be caused by biomechanical imbalance, pronated feet, or a tight lateral retinaculum.54

Dry needling acupuncture is very effective for reducing overuse stresses in soft tissue. The trigger points on the low back, hip, and lower extremity, including the patellofemoral tendon, should be precisely located and needled. As with wrist injuries, relief of pain in knee injuries can be achieved in a few treatments, but this is only a part of the healing; complete functional recovery requires more time. De-stressing treatment should be provided once a week before symptoms appear. Symptoms should be treated twice a week. While the low back and the knee are treated, the neck and shoulder should also be examined and treated.

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