Isdn As An Effective Tool In Conventional Sports Medicine

In addition to enhancing athletic performance and preventing injuries, ISDN can also be used to rehabilitate injured athletes. The most common injuries in sports are soft tissue dysfunction such as contusions, muscle strain, ligament sprain, swelling, inflammation, and deficient microcirculation. During recovery and rehabilitation, adhesion and the formation of scar tissue are major concerns. ISDN is an effective modality for managing most of these soft tissue dysfunctions. It has been shown to provide faster and more specific recovery than any other known method.

ISDN, if properly used, does not conflict with conventional sports medicine. In cases in which surgery cannot be avoided, ISDN does not replace conventional medical procedures such as physical therapy or surgery. Surgery may be followed by pain, swelling, deficient microcirculation, inflammation, soft tissue tension, adhesion of soft tissues, and restricted range of motion of joints. These conditions hinder the self-healing process that must take place after surgery. ISDN, combined with other rehabilitation modalities such as physical therapy, is a powerful method for accelerating this healing.

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How To Reduce Acne Scarring

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