Homeostasis and Stress in Sports and Exercise

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Integrative systemic dry needling (ISDN), also known as dry needling acupuncture, is a nonspecific therapy for restoring and maintaining homeostasis by reducing physical stress. When exercise is performed under conditions of optimal homeostasis, it leads to health and the best possible sports performance. When exercise is performed under stress, it results in the deterioration of bodily function, which leads to illness and disability. Millions of people of all ages actively participate in physical exercise or some kind of sports, from simple running or cycling to more technical or skill-intensive activities.

People get involved in sports for many reasons, but all who do so are seeking to benefit from them. Proper exercise promotes health, which is desired by everyone, and a healthy body produces the best performance in sport. Properly performed sporting activities reduce physiologic and psychologic stress and promote homeostasis: that is, the optimal function of the biologic systems. Badly performed sporting activities increase bodily stress and may promote the premature decline of biologic systems. For both professional and nonprofessional athletes, understanding how to manage stress for the benefit of overall health is of basic importance, especially for those who want to achieve better sports performance.

This chapter focuses on the concepts of stress and homeostasis. In conventional biomedical practice, homeostasis is seen as a physiologic process studied more in physiology laboratories than by clinicians.

Athletes differ from nonathletic patients in that most athletes generally maintain a better level of homeostasis than other people. Sports injuries among athletes are usually musculoskeletal, whereas nonathletes may have more complex pathologic problems. Therefore treatment differs between the two groups. In dealing with athletes, an understanding of the homeostasis of biologic systems is essential.

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