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When a section of bone becomes injured or irritated by chronic stress such as tight muscles or tendons, an abnormal calcium deposit or bone growth occurs. Athletes with previous injuries have a higher risk of bone spurs.

Dry needling acupuncture is a helpful therapy for this injury. Needles can be applied directly into the inflamed, tender, and painful tissue. In addition, use the treatment to balance the entire muscu-loskeletal system. Two treatment sessions per week should be provided. Dry needling acupuncture can be applied immediately if surgery is needed.

Prevention may be possible if regular balancing of the musculoskeletal system is performed to reduce the stress on the foot.


This chapter has described a number of common sports injuries for which dry needling acupuncture can be applied to achieve recovery. As emphasized previously, dry needling acupuncture, as a nonspecific biologic modality, does not conflict with any other medical procedures and, in most cases, should be combined with other modalities to achieve the best results.

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