Hand Injuries

A variety of hand injuries may occur while an athlete attempts to block a spiked ball. A study of 226 volleyball players in the Netherlands revealed 235 injuries to the hand.67 These injuries included sprains and strains (39%), fractures (25%), and contusions (16%). The remaining 20% were dislocations, mallet fingers, and open wounds. Of these hand injuries, 37% occurred during defense, 36% during blocking, 18% as a result of fall, and 8% while the athlete spiked the ball. The thumb and the little finger are the most vulnerable digits.

Another hand injury is antebrachial-palmar hammer syndrome, the symptoms of which are arm and hand pain, distal cyanosis, and pulselessness.

Dry needling acupuncture is very helpful in treating all kinds of hand injuries and at all phases of treatment. The location of the tender areas should be carefully identified and treated twice a week. Swelling and contusions should be treated every day.

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