Hand and Finger Tendinitis

Tendons bear considerable mechanical stress when transmitting forces between muscles and bone. Overuse of the muscles causes inflammation of the tendons, tendon sheaths, and muscles.

Dry needling acupuncture is very effective in alleviating this condition. Fine needles can be applied to the inflamed tendon, and normal needles can be applied the related muscles. Treatment should be provided two to three times per week. The affected fingers should be properly cared for so as not to stress the inflamed tendons during recovery; otherwise, the condition may become chronic.


A healthy and well-balanced back is essential in all kinds of sports, as well as in daily life. Evidence-based research in sports medicine indicates that a stable core system is crucial for proper movement of the limbs.

Back injury is common in both sports and daily life, but fewer than 5% of back injuries necessitate surgery. Strength training of the back muscles is the best strategy for preventing back injury. Proper and regular maintenance of the back musculature is no less important than strength training. Dry needling acupuncture, with its unique mechanisms for treating soft tissue, is effective both for treating an injured back and for maintaining a balanced back. Even when the back is pain free, weekly dry needling acupuncture treatment is suggested for all athletes, especially those who are performing intensive training.

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