Feature 5 Neuromuscular Attachments

Acu-reflex points are formed at the loci where nerve trunks enter the muscle. Muscular nerve trunks contain afferent (sensory) fibers, efferent (motor) fibers, and sympathetic fibers. Two acu-reflex points formed in this way can be found at the centers of the supraspinous and infraspinous fossae, where the suprascapular nerve enters the supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscles (Fig. 7-6). In this example, one nerve forms two attachments with two muscles, but the infraspinatus attachment is more superficial because the muscle is thinner; therefore this locus (H8, infraspinatus) usually becomes sensitive before the supraspinatus point, inasmuch as the latter lies deeper below the round, thick supraspinatus muscle.

In theory, each muscle has at least one neuromus-cular attachment. However, most similar attachments do not form acu-reflex points because the attachments are located deep in the muscle masses and do not become sensitive very frequently.

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