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The large amounts of pronation and supination involved in golf swings can cause elbow tendinitis and muscle strains because of the rolling-over effect of the muscles on the humeral epicondyles. Although both elbows can be affected, the lead elbow (left elbow in a right-handed golfer) is more prone to injury. Skilled golfers who swing on plane and have good overall swing mechanics tend to overstretch the left elbow extensor muscles during the late downswing. Less skilled golfers who swing over the top during the downswing tend to aggravate the medial flexor muscles in the right elbow.22 Dry needling acupuncture therapy is effective in treating these injuries, but complete recovery takes some time. Identifying the location of the inflamed tendons is critical, and both tendons and muscles should be treated simultaneously. Weekly de-stressing treatment is suggested for prevention, and two treatment sessions per week should be provided for treating the symptoms.

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Gold Swing Secrets

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