Elbow Bursitis

This injury is also known as olecranon bursitis. The olecranon bursa is located above the olecra-non process, and it is the largest bursa in the elbow region. Noninflammatory bursitis is associated with repeated stress or acute trauma, whereas inflammatory bursitis is caused by such conditions as rheumatism and infection.

The symptoms include painful swelling, excessive fluid in the bursa, and reduced mobility of the elbow.

As with epicondylitis, dry needling acupuncture is very helpful for elbow bursitis, but recovery from this injury may take longer. Needles are applied directly into the swollen bursa at a density of two to three per square centimeter, both into affected tissue and into the tender area of the joint and associated ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Two dry needling acupuncture sessions per week should be offered.


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