Compartment Syndrome

In compartment syndrome, the fluid pressure in the tissue has exceeded normal levels and thereby places pressure on the muscles, tendons, blood vessels, and nerves. Ischemia follows this pressure increase and, in severe cases, can cause permanent damage to the extremity. Compartment syndrome can be acute or chronic; in severe cases, there is associated weakness of the dorsiflexors and toe extensors, as well as swelling on the dorsum of the foot.32 Because of the symptoms, compartment syndrome is often confused with a stress fracture.

Dry needling acupuncture is very effective in preventing and treating compartment syndrome. Weekly de-stressing treatment can help prevent the injury, and two needling sessions per week can be used for treating the injury. The treatment should include dry needling acupuncture of all three compartments of the leg and thigh muscles. The core system should be included in de-stressing treatment.

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