Calf Strain

Calf muscles, or triceps surae, include the gastroc-nemius, soleus, and plantaris muscles. They insert into the foot through the Achilles tendon and are responsible for extending the foot and rising on the toes. When a person takes off from the ground or changes the direction of walking, the calf muscles must contract forcefully.

If the muscles are fatigued or not strong enough to manage situations in which forceful contraction is necessary, especially eccentric contraction (when contracting and stretching happen together, as in landing from a jump), tears in the muscle occur.

Dry needling acupuncture is an effective treatment for this injury. Needles can be applied directly into the inflamed, tender, swollen, and painful area. If surgery is needed, dry needling acupuncture is very helpful in rehabilitation. In addition, the treatment is used to balance the entire musculoskeletal system. Two treatment sessions per week should be provided.

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