Biceps Brachii Tendon Rupture

The biceps brachii muscles operate across three joints: the glenohumeral joint and the two elbow joints. A biceps brachii tendon rupture is the detachment of the tendon from the bone, and it usually happens at the proximal end of the tendon. The injury is caused by sudden trauma to the biceps brachii tendon during weightlifting or throwing activities. The injury can also be caused by weakness of the biceps brachii muscle or tears in the rotator cuff muscle caused by repetitive strain. It may also be connected to degenerative changes in the tendons in older people.

The injury produces sharp pain at the shoulder, inability to flex or extend the forearm, and a bulge or swelling in the upper arm.

Regardless of whether surgery is required, dry needling acupuncture treatment is helpful in reducing the symptoms immediately after the injury and during all phases of rehabilitation. One session every day for swelling and two sessions per week for pain are recommended.

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