Biceps Brachii Muscle Strain and Bruising

Muscle strain and bruising are among the most common sports injuries. Muscle strain is a tearing that is caused by the sudden extension of a joint beyond its normal range of function or by any other excessive physical demand made on the muscle. This type of injury to the biceps brachii or the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor can occur while the athlete wards off a check in hockey or tackling in football, during weight training, or as a consequence of sudden, violent torsion of the shoulder during throwing sports. The athlete may feel stiffness, tenderness, or pain in the affected muscles, and motion in the affected joints may be limited.

Other symptoms may include bruising of the muscles after a direct blow and tearing or rupture of the tendon.

Dry needling acupuncture is very helpful for muscle strains and bruising. Two to three needles per square centimeter can be applied every other day to the affected muscles where there is tenderness, pain, and discoloration. If the injury is on the chest area, the usual recommendations for safety should be followed to avoid puncturing the organs below.

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