Back Injuries

Low back injuries in swimmers are caused most often by repetitive stress during turns and the strain of poor head and body position in the water. Mechanical problems include spondylolysis, spon-dylolisthesis, and Scheuermann kyphosis, which is found in adolescent swimmers and results from repeated flexion of the thoracic spine.52

The typical swimmer's posture manifests as increased thoracic kyphosis, abducted or protracted scapulae, and a forward head position. These postural tendencies are further reinforced in swimmers who suffer from recurrent nasal and sinus problems caused by exposure to bacteria and chemicals in swimming pools.

Dry needling acupuncture is very effective in preventing and treating these back injuries. The same de-stressing protocol can be used for both prevention and treatment. For prevention, regular weekly treatment is needed. For treating symptoms, two sessions per week should be provided.

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