Athletes Foot

Athlete's foot is a skin infection that affects 70% of the population at various times. It is caused by a fungal infection produced by a class of parasites of the skin known as dermatophytes. The fungus thrives in the moist conditions produced by sweat. The site most commonly affected is between the fourth and fifth toes, where the fungus causes irritation, maceration, and fissures and scaling of the outer layer of skin. The symptoms are reddened, cracked, and peeling skin with itching, stinging, and burning sensation, and sometimes there is a noxious odor. The most common type of this condition is chronic interdigital athlete's foot.

Before treatment, the infected skin should be cleaned and dried. The affected skin is treated with needles in the same way as for sunburn. Any bleeding should be cleaned with cotton balls after the needles are removed. One treatment session a day should be provided.


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