Athletes Expect More Than Pain Relief

Working with athletes is a great pleasure for any health care professional. Because of their healthy bodies, positive emotion, strong willpower, good nutrition, and willingness to cooperate, they respond superbly to ISDN. With regular and well-designed maintenance procedures, patients can maintain optimal performance, and can even achieve better results than in previous years.

What is unique about working with athletes? Most seek medical attention at first for pain relief, which in most cases can be successfully accomplished because their well-trained bodies have maintained good self-healing potential. Whereas pain relief is enough for most nonathletic patients, athletes expect more than that. For them, pain relief is just a beginning. What they are seeking after suffering injury is to restore not only their original physical capability but also to acquire a level of good health that will minimize further injuries. I have seen elite athletes whose physical pain has ended as a result of conventional medical intervention, but so has their sports career. Many of these athletes may have had brighter and longer sports careers if they were properly treated, and even the injuries they suffered could have been prevented if proper procedures had been adopted sufficiently early. It is clear that if clinicians focus only on pain relief for athletes, they risk ignoring their patients' future performance and possibly prematurely ending their sports careers. ISDN aims to restore optimal homeostasis by reducing bodily stress so that the athlete's own biologic system can take care of pain relief.

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