Ankle Sprain

Lateral ankle sprain accounts for 15% to 65% of all volleyball injuries.63 In mild (grade 1) sprains, the anterior talofibular ligament may be stretched. In grade 2 sprains, one or two ligaments may be partially disrupted. Grade 3 sprains are characterized by complete tearing of one of more lateral ligaments. In early examination, the amount of swelling is typically correlated with the severity of the injury.

Of all known therapeutic modalities, dry needling acupuncture is most effective in reducing swelling of soft tissue. If treatment is provided immediately after the injury, the swelling is greatly limited, and the pain subsides when the swelling is reduced. Treatment of swelling should be provided once a day, and the entire musculoskeletal system should be treated twice a week. Meanwhile, further medical examination and other modalities should be considered even if dry needling acupuncture provides satisfactory result, because complete healing and functional recovery may take a long time for this type of injury.


Injuries in other sports, such as martial arts or diving, can be caused by different mechanisms, but these injuries also manifest as soft tissue pain and dysfunction. The treatment, in principle and in practice, is exactly the same. For treating particular symptoms and anatomic locations, clinicians should consult this chapter and Chapter 14.


Dry needling acupuncture is effective in treating many sports injuries and greatly accelerates healing and restoration of full function. What is unique about dry needling acupuncture therapy is that it passively reduces the physiologic stresses in deep soft tissue. It is passive because dry needling acupuncture procedure does not involve any stretching of tissue. Another unique feature is that dry needling acupuncture improves or restores the physical and physiologic homeostasis in deep soft tissue. Needling procedures work to smoothly coordinate the kinetic linkage of the entire musculo-skeletal system, which improves the efficiency of the athlete's movement. In this way, the treatment enhances physical performance and prevents injuries caused by repetitive stress and by stress resulting from overuse.

Because of these unique mechanisms, dry needling acupuncture should be applied immediately after any injury and should be used in all phases of treatment and rehabilitation.

Prevention is the most economical procedure. Weekly de-stressing treatment not only prevents many overuse injuries but also enhances the physical performance and prolongs athletic careers, both professional and nonprofessional.

It is emphasized again that dry needling acupuncture adds value to conventional medical modalities, and it does not and should not replace them.

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